Singapore makes public Sai Lindan midway to retreat contest reason why to retreat contest to have these views

The Malaysia last week carries off on open competition after male single champion, singapore of fight in some places one by one of veteran forest Dan Benzhou surpasses Guo Yu of 35 years old publicly. The wheel pair of male single head that had last night definitely

in, lin Dan is in with the 13 dragon bringing competition that compare groups of 20 wheat of backward Yu Dan when to advocate juridical signal quits game. Because Lin Dan retreats the reason of contest to have no clear view for a short while, cause fan heat to discuss so. Withdraw the account of contest to Lin Dan, official sta

tement is his sprain ankle. Nevertheless, spot fan expresses, because be sentenced of judgment of malcontent department line,Lin Dan is punish and chose to quit game. World feather couplet still discloses, lin Dan speaks of when be interviewed after contest a bit, he thinks to arrange oneself and the tournament of the dragon that bring competition in 4 field that do not have hookup signal honest not quite should. In fact, to already for Lin Dan of 35 years old, carrying back of a chair on the back to take part in the match is a massive trial to physical ability. He gains the championship in Malaysia hind, xie Xingfang basks in the picture that gave the husband to undertake leg ministry is treated, it is thus clear that this long-unseen champion must come really not easy. (Yang Min of reporter of Guangzhou daily entire media) original title: Singapore m西安夜网论坛akes public Sai Lindan midway to retreat contest to bring guess responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling

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