Wind resistance affects the method that reduces wind block what to have to riding an efficiency what to have

Ride travel wind block, airy obstruction comes from in showing the bicycle rides a process namely, driving an efficiency to ours is very big impact. Reduce riding travel wind block is an extremely complex issue, because this involves square respect area, I share myself to reduce the result of wind block below, welcome everybody error correc

tion fills complete. 1, bicycle element is versed in desire be apt to its thing, surely first benefit its implement. Want to reduce ride travel wind block, the bicycle must reach the designated position. Generally speaking, the design of athletic bicycle should compar

e common bicycle wind block is a lot of smaller, and the iron in athletic bicycle 3 cars, timing car is opposite for wind block will be smaller, of course this also meets its the pose below the banner is relative. Besides the most important bicycle structure design and frame, annulus group also be one of hardware with reduce wind block the most important. There are groups of a lot of broken wind rotor now, the effect is wonderful, the casing of general 35mm above is high-energy produce the very right result that defeat wind quite. Tire embryo grain and width also are to wind block has very big effect, the fetal grain of smooth level off can reduce wind block coefficient of friction, tire width wants with round group of mutual echo, avoid to choose wider tire and the wind block with larger generation. In do one’s best the biggest change the case that drops wind block to fall, detail of the any on the bicycle is met influential, be like inside take a line smaller than externalism wind block, although this kind of difference is extremely little. 2, helmet of equipment element pneumatic, ride to be taken all right, riding a shoe and glove to wait is to reduce the sharp weapon that rides travel wind block. Ride to be taken all right have two kinds commonly, the form of characters or letters that it is cent and join system, the effect that joins system will be a bit better. Ride an equipment well to be able to let ride travel is more efficient, but also the price does not poor, can not afford. 3, if everybody notices observation,ride travel pose element, regular meeting discovery rides common bicycle to perhaps share bicycle usually, our upper part of the body is straight almost, and ride athletic bicycle body to be met pitch is very much, it is a bicycle, why can you have the distinction on the pose? Actually, this is to reduce wind block, the reduces the body and air current interface of the oldest rate is accumulated. In professional match, professional car hand is used to reduce wind block to be met toward contact a few ride a pose particularly, everybody must not be imitated casually, very dangerous. 4, the friend that group element often watchs the professional game such as annulus law should know professional motorcade is met in the match the shift that has a team according to the element such as wind direction, such doing even if drive the stability of travel and rate to assure. In addition, there still can be broken wind hand in the team, wind is defeated in 西安夜网论坛front, can greatly at the back of the bring down of car hand ride travel wind block. Ride daily in us in travel, often see a few friends follow at the back of cart to ride row, it is to let cart block wind to defeat wind for oneself, oneself are nodded easily with respect to ridable. Such doing can achieve this result really, but this is a kind of extremely dangerous behavior, remind everybody here must not such, the life that does not take oneself is joking. 5, other factor falls in the case that pursues perfection, we cannot let off any detail, if shave,wait with leg wool. These average people cannot understand possibly, but you should know to blow leg wool is hand of every profession car almost metropolis do. Original title: Is wind block how old to riding an efficiency to have influence? How should reduce editor of wind block responsibility: Lin Xin is firm

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