The small gain of urge again and again announces to exit hopeful of future of beginning and end of Hungarian contest reason to assist Liu Guoliang

On January 10, 2019, urge again and again announces to exit begun Hungarian open contest next week. The reason is physical strength of successive go on an expedition overdraws, to protect his the choice quits the race. Urge again and again writes so: Be very sorry tell everybody, stem from the protection of pair of him body condition, the international ping couplet that I will not give to be held next week now is Hungarian open competition is medium. Last year the end of the year, attend one after another a series of match of international, home, let what I feel have on physical strength, energy some overdraw. To be about to for me 29 years old, as the growth of the age, the body is the link that I need to be protected mainly, I must the more reasonable training match rhythm that arranges oneself. I hope to be able to prevent the accident injury that arises because of exhaustion, also hope oneself can the form oneself, those who adjust is better. For this, ping to international couplet and sponsor the inconvenience that just brings to express regret greatly! At the same time couplet of hope international ping is mixed sponsor just can understand, make allowances for the decision that I make, also hope everybody is understandable my decision. I will adjust myself well, welcome the competition from the b

ack, when we arrive, see. What can foreknow is, the international match of this year of urge again and again that is determined to make new choice takes part in the match station number can decline, but to the country s

he still is indispensable eldest sister for ping big! Before this, urge again and again discloses publicly should enter into an election contest enter athlete committee to work, think the effort that passes oneself expresses the aspiration that gives an athlete better. Can say, urge again and again besides wanting to strive for selected Tokyo Olympic Games, return bridge of country of Liu of hopeful assist a ruler in governing a country to ping for the country make larger contribution. Original title: Does urge again and again announce to exit: of Hungarian contest reason?   Kun teachs responsibility of? of Piao ν steel the edition: Lin Xin is firm

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