Government of abortive of mutiny of abroad recuperate Gabon weighs the president to already controlled condition

Africa is mid 7 days of early morning produce Bai Weier of benefit of national Gabon capital mutiny. A flock of soldiers are occupational broadcasting station, issue give public notice to the people, “ of dagger of state of the · in doubt president A continues to fulfill the ability ” of duty, the youth in agitate army and civilian joins “ uprise ” . When state dagger will be visited last year in October, get a severe disease be in hospital, north Africa country is Moroccan recuperate. After a few hours, gabon government announces, already “ controls condition ” . [occupational broadcasting station] broadcasting station of broadcast of   Gabon country local time 7 days 6 when control 30 minutes (Beijing time 13 when 30 minutes) broadcast a statement. The person that studies this statement professes triumphant benefit · of · Weng Duo abstruse than holding first lieutenant high, it is officer of republican armed escort, national defence of leader “ Gabon and youth of secure armed forces are patriotic athletic ” . Statement says, presidential state dagger accentuated in the speaking “ that eve publishs new year’s day this year the distrustful ” that the outside continues to fulfill duty ability to the president. A paragraph of video presentation that circulates in gregarious media, abstruse take than holding the example that wear battle high, wear green beret, the station studies statement in recording studio of a broadcasting station, two soldiers that hold assault musket stand in back. Reuter is news source story with the personage with close relationship of government of name and one Gabon, stateme武汉夜网论坛nt broadcasts around, report of a gun rings n武汉夜生活论坛ear the national TV station of capital center, but the person that start armed struggle is soldier of ” of “ a handful only it seems that. The view of Reuter cite eyewitness reports, devoted to governmental taxi arms launchs lachrymator, break up ” of the person that about 300 “ that gather outside broadcasting station support coup, helicopter circles in the sky, the capital is major area东莞夜网论坛 atmosphere is quiet. After a few hours, mapangu tells · of Bei Telang of · of Ju Yi of Gabon government spokesman Afp reporter, “ condition already got controlling ” , in 5 soldiers that initiate mutiny, 4 people are arrested, 1 person is at large. [the president is absent]   state dagger is 59 years old, will be in on October 24 last year Saudi Arabia due to illness be in hospital, be in since November Moroccan continue to accept treatment, now rub the capital pulls Bart to be in private residence to recuperate. Late on December 31 last year, he is in Moroccan publish New Year speech to domestic people, admit oneself have ailment, but recovering. In the speech video of recorded broa

dcast, the sword arm of state dagger moves it seems that disadvantageous, pronunciation of partial one’s words is not clear, but mental in order. Gabon is located in Africa mid on the west the coast, be close to Atlantic, 80 time reduce 19 centuries French colony, independent in August 1960. Gabon rich is rich, it is finance income with oil, manganese, uranium and lumber exploitation and exit main source. Gabon forest is enclothed rate more than 80% , the tree is planted various, log reserves resides Africa the 3rd, obtain beauty of ” of “ green Jin Zhiguo praise. State dagger ever held the post of a defense minister, dagger of state of · of abstruse Ma Er holds the position of his father since November 1967 Gabon president, till died 2009. Of the same age in September, state dagger with be in office party candidate identity is electe重庆夜网论坛d new allow president, won be reappointed consecutively 2016. Opposition oppugns the just sex of the election at that time, demonstrate person conflict in force of Libaiweier happening with police, in the arson inside national parliament building. Chairman of African alliance committee solemn Sa · law base · Mohammed东莞夜网论坛 pushs 7 days in gregarious media “ say on ” especially: “ Africa alliance denounces the abortive coup that happens in Gabon this morning strongly. I reiterate, blame alliance opposes all unconstitutional political power change stoutly. ” (Shen Min) (Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially only) original title: Government of ab

ortive of mutiny of abroad recuperate Gabon weighs the president already ” control condition “

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