Travel mode giant panda ” joyous joyous ” wait for birth twin period this Zhou Wu or Saturday

In report will occupy new network on August 2 outside intermediary report, joyous joyous ” is in the giant panda “ that borrows French rich tile to strap the zoo by China at present wait for birth, she has been ha东莞夜生活论坛d by fish a pair of twin darlin

g. Produce period anticipate at present be in a Zhou Wu or Saturday. The zoo is in intense prepare. France is preparing to greet the arrival of giant长沙夜生活论坛 panda darling. Origin: 西安夜网论坛Reuter. Up to now, except China, the whole world has 19 zoos to have giant panda only. France never has witnessed the giant panda that is born in mainland before this, it is a pair of twin giant panda this what is more,the rather that more, want than be born only flimsie西安夜品茶网r. Actually, if be below feral condition, giant panda mom is delivered of two young cub, meet a that when after abandoning, be born. Strive for better vivosphere for the giant panda darling that is born to the 2nd, tutelar personnel trades every two hours a young cub to take care of to giant panda mom, every such young cub can get the mother is taken care of likewise. Zoo respect expresses, young cub will have the weight of hundreds of grams only, and weight of joyous joyous ” achieves their maternal “ hundreds of kilograms, the zoo can do his best make “ joyous joyous ” takes care of young cub to go on wheels. It is reported, joyous joyous ” wants “ 9 years old immediately this year, strapped the zoo with male companion 2012, it is current French churchyard “ only the giant panda of 2 ” . If everything is successful, birth武汉夜品茶网 giant panda darling general can return China 3 years after be born. Zoo curator explains, according to the convention, china will give new the name since birth giant panda, because Chinese name has a meaning, general metropolis becomes the first-lady that at the same time giant panda is in a country new be born the “ cummer ” of giant panda, the auspicious in hope first-lady cloth is special – mark dragon can accept this one role. Original title: Travel mode giant panda was born quickly! The law will greet twin of

first native land giant panda

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